More and more companies and organisations are actively involved with data collection and statistical analysis. It is important this is done right - and with confidence. Upskilling your staff is key.


I have the experience to create bespoke training courses that meet the needs of small businesses through to large corporations. I will ensure that your needs are fully discussed and the course content is tailored to your priorities. I do not offer "off the shelf", "take it or leave it" products. I respect the fact that training is a substantial cost to any organisation, so I know we have to deliver exactly what you want.


I aim to provide training that is engaging and memorable. Yes there will be PowerPoints, but interspersed with activities, quizzes and case study examples. I can offer post-training follow-up and individual mentoring if required, to ensure that the outcomes of the training are put into practice.



Examples of training courses:


  • Exploratory Data Analysis - first steps to understanding your data
  • Selecting and applying the correct statistical test
  • Introductory regression analysis to model your data
  • Times series analysis and forecasting
  • Survival and time-to-event analysis
  • Basic statistical process control
  • Assessment of diagnostic accuracy
  • Principles and practice of meta-analysis

Don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements for high-quality bespoke in-house training.


"It was all just totally professional and absolutely pitched at the right level."

"Excellent delivery of content at a comfortable speed for the participants."  (Client feedback)