I can offer advice and support to small research groups or large organisations. Clients recognise the importance of having a statistician on the team, so that the quantitative aspects of the research project can be dealt with expertly and impartially.


Consultancy input can include: 

Support with bid writing. If your project has a statistics element (data collection and analysis), potential funding bodies will require a clear and authoritative methodology statement as part of the bid. I can assist you with this. Having a named statistician on the proposal will add credibility to your bid.


Sample size determination. Your samples should be big enough to ensure that your results are meaningful, but not too big as to be wasteful of time and resources. This is essential in the clinical field, but good practice in any area. A statistical consultant can carry out the appropriate power calculations and suggest a suitable sample size and sampling methodology. 


Randomisation schedules. For randomised controlled trials (RCTs) it is imperative that the randomisation schedule is robust, so that subjects are allocated to the treatment arms appropriately. I can support you with single-blind or double-blind protocols that implement stratification as necessary.


Data protocol design. Before you start to collect the data, I will help you ensure that your database design is appropriate. I can suggest coding that can simplify recording and subsequent analysis, and provide a data dictionary for your project. I can train your staff who carry out the data recording. Failure to observe a robust data protocol can lead to errors and ambiguity, meaning unnecessary extra work down the line.


Statistical analysis plans. Well articulated SAPs are increasingly important in larger scale projects and clinical trials. Put simply, an SAP provides a transparent, comprehensive "plan of attack" for the statistical analysis so that the commissioners of the research can have confidence that the aims of the project will be met. My SAPs reflect ICH-E9 guidelines. If you do not require a formal SAP, I will still ensure that you understand the scope of the statistical analysis methods that are required for your data.


Data analysis and significance testing. I will receive your data in an agreed format, and carry out the data analysis using industry standard software and observing utmost data security and confidentiality. I will interpret the output of the statistical analysis using tables and charts in a way that can be immediately understood.


Reporting of results. I can provide draft wording for the Methods and Results sections of any ensuing publication. I can proof read and advise on copy prior to submission to journals.

Please get in touch for a no-obligation discussion of how I can contribute to the success of your projects.


"This work has made a real, practical contribution . . .   your involvement was critical and I am very grateful for your ongoing input." (Client feedback)